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Timeless Christmas Decor Pieces You Need to Buy this Year!

I am counting down the days until I can put up my Christmas decor! I have even started a few mood boards on Pinterest for what I am looking to do this year; but for now I will share a list of timeless Christmas decor pieces that you need to buy this year…


Timeless Christmas Decor Pieces You Need to Buy this Year!

Christmas is by far one of the most extravagant holidays decor-wise. Everywhere you look there is something different to look at. It can be easy to end up with so many different styles of Christmas decor without even realizing it.

I want to be more intentional with my Christmas decor. I have started shopping for timeless pieces that will be used year after year regardless of if I switch the colors up or not.

The Perfect Tree

Does the perfect tree exist? Some may say not but I disagree.

I’ve had a variety of trees that I loved at the time but eventually felt that they weren’t what I was truly looking for.

Until I saw HER.

I ended up ordering this tree over the summer while it was on a crazy good open box sale. It arrived in July and I set it up in our living room because I wanted to make sure it was exactly what I had in mind. And it was.

The differentiation of the branches gives the tree such realistic qualities and I love how it isn’t perfect. Because, in the real world trees aren’t THAT FULL. Right?!

I cannot wait to set up my tree this year and be able to show y’all first hand how gorgeous it is!!

Natural Woven Tree Collar

While I think a beautiful tree skirt is another timeless decor piece, a gorgeous woven tree collar is timeless as well.

You can do this a few different ways. If your tree base is small enough you could insert the base into a basket. Some modern trees have square stands instead of the typical 4 leg ones. I’ve seen some floral foam hacks for this as well but I’m not sure I would try that with a larger Christmas tree. I would be afraid it would fall over!

A woven tree collar is honestly the best choice. There are so many different ones available but I found THIS ONE at World Market and fell in love. I love how it resembles a basket in the sense that there are no angled sides. The texture is dreamy and it is my first choice for this season!

Velvet Ribbon

I cannot believe I did not jump on this timeless trend before! Velvet ribbon adds such a beautiful and luxurious feel to your Christmas decor without the expensive price tag. This is such a simple way to elevate your space this season!

I am currently loving the look of THIS deep green ribbon. I think any neutral color would be absolutely gorgeous on your tree, mantle, or little trimmings around the house. This is something to use year after year for sure!

Neutral Stockings

Stockings are a great way to add charm and texture to your Christmas decor.

The key to timeless stockings is being sure to stick in the neutral color palette. These will blend with any style or color that you choose for years to come.

I love how many different materials there are available. If you are crafty, you could even DIY one yourself!

Picking out different textures gives your collection of stockings a curated look. THIS stocking is one that I ordered from Target this year. I love the bobble knit look!

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Vintage Bells

Cascading bells off your mantle or a garland of bells on the tree is just *chef’s kiss*!

Vintage bells add such a beautiful charm to your Christmas decor and I honestly don’t see them ever going out of style.

THESE gorgeous warm gold bells are to die for. I cannot wait to show y’all how I style them this year.

Timeless Christmas Decor Pieces You Need to Buy this Year!

Timeless Christmas decor is truly an investment. These are the staple pieces you will be able to use year after year.

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