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Get the Look: Designer Pinch Pleat Curtains on a Budget

Get the Look: Designer Pinch Pleat Curtains on a Budget

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designer pinch pleat curtains on a budget

Custom curtains are one of the things that I cannot justify splurging on. For myself, at least. There are so many amazing curtains on the market that are much more affordable and can still give you the designer look that we all want.

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It’s all about the material

The material of the curtain will either make the look or break the look. My favorite materials for curtains include: linen, velvet, cotton, and polyester.


Linen is probably my number one choice because it is so effortlessly beautiful. The drape that you can achieve from linen is amazing. It is a highly popular choice!


Velvet curtains. Ah – what a luxurious look. These would be so perfect for a sitting room or primary bedroom. They are everything traditional and romantic.


Cotton is such a well rounded material for curtains. However, cotton is much thinner so if you are needing your curtains to give you some privacy I would recommend making sure they are lined.


Polyester curtains can give you a heavier look than cotton which may be what you are looking for. They are great for households with pets and children because they can be easily washed and you won’t have to worry about any shrinking.

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Hanging Style

There are a few different hanging styles: grommet, rod pocket, tabs, and pinch pleat.


In most box stores you will see a lot of metal grommet ring curtains. While these can be beautiful and are widely available and affordable – they don’t give you the custom designer look.

Rod Pockets

Rod pockets are a sewn in pocket that the curtain rod goes in. Rod pockets are common to use in most homes.


Tabs are what you can imagine – tabs hanging from the curtain rod to the curtain. These can be beautiful used in the right setting.

Pinch Pleat

Pinch pleating is the most designer look. They take some extra effort (& lots of patience) but they are simply beautiful. One thing to keep in mind with pinch pleated curtains is that they aren’t as functional as other hanging styles. The pleating reduces the width of fabric significantly so if you need your curtains to be functional – plan accordingly!

Get the Look!

Now that we have some basic curtain knowledge under our belts, let’s talk about how to achieve THIS look!

I used the Hannalill curtains in the color beige from Ikea. I love the color and airiness they give my space. They are 100% cotton but have such a beautiful drape.

Ikea curtains usually have 3 different ways to hang them. They offer a rod pocket, rod tabs on the back, and they also have built in pleat tape.

I washed them and put them in the dryer to get the excess moisture out. I immediately started to iron them to make it easier to steam once they were hung up.


I used THESE pleat hooks that I found on Amazon. This was a lot of trial and error to achieve the look I wanted.

Ultimately I skipped the first 2 spaces, then inserted one side of the hook and counted 11 spaces over before placing the other side of the hook. I put my hooks back to back so there was no skipping spaces between hooks.

Curtain Rod and Rings

I found these beautiful warm gold curtain rods and rings on Amazon! They are truly beautiful and elevated my space SO much! I will definitely be using them in other areas of my home.

I found the easiest way to get everything on the curtain rod was to insert the pleat hook into the small hole on the rings and then hang the rings off the side of my ironing board then run the curtain rod through them.

I had a few fails before I figured out the best method. Let’s just say fixing pleats while up on a ladder is no fun!

Once they were up I steamed them to release any new wrinkles and to completely pull the look together. I still have so much to decorate in this home but this was a step in the right direction!

Get the Look: Designer Pinch Pleat Curtains on a Budget

This was an affordable and easy way to give my windows some much needed love. This is a timeless look that will look amazing in your homes as well!

I hope this post inspired you to refresh any of your curtains in your home! As always, thanks so much for being here. I appreciate you all more than you know. Follow along on Instagram and Pinterest to see more day to day inspiration!


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