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Three Affordable Ways to Refresh Your Home

Decorating your home can be overwhelming when you want to update it but don’t want to spend much money. Today on the blog, I am sharing three affordable ways to refresh your home! These tips will give your home a fresh look without breaking the bank.

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Three Affordable Ways to Refresh Your Home

While I share a lot about home updates and larger DIY projects we do around our home, I still implement these tips to refresh my home when we don’t have a large budget to change something up. I promise that these tips will help your home feel fresh and updated.

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1. Update Lighting

Whether you want to switch out a lamp or an entire light fixture, I have some affordable ways to do this to share with you.

I love checking out my local thrift shops for lamps – bases, and shades! I am not afraid to get something that needs some texture and paint to update it.

Amazon also has some amazing affordable light fixture options!

If you have pendant lights, you want to switch up; you can purchase light pendant shades.

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2. Add Real Greenery

I genuinely believe that greenery completely changes the feel of your home.

From a fresh vase of flowers to a beautiful house plant, adding natural greenery elevates your home. Next time you are at the grocery store, grab a small arrangement of flowers and see how it changes the way your home feels!

Adding in natural plants and greenery gives your space new life. They brighten the room and, even better – purify the air!

3. Add New Throw Pillows

Another affordable way to refresh your home is to switch out your throw pillows. I love to find inexpensive pillows at Target, Home Goods, and TJ Maxx. Switching out your pillows will give your couch and living room a fresh look!

If you don’t want to store a bunch of pillows you aren’t using, I recommend buying pillow covers. This is an easy thing to swap out and store when you aren’t using them. Plus, you can wash them! Even better in my book!

Three Affordable Ways to Refresh Your Home

  1. Update lighting
  2. Add real greenery
  3. Add new throw pillows

Creating a beautiful home takes time. If you are ever feeling discouraged when looking at social media or Pinterest, let me assure you that all photos are staged. Beautiful homes don’t happen overnight; if they do, they were done for thousands of dollars. I’m speaking for myself too, when I say that most families cannot afford that.

There is something special about a thoughtfully curated home. Making do with what you have while you figure out what you genuinely want is a skill.

I hope these three affordable ways to refresh your home inspired you today.

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