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My Favorite way to Find FREE Printable Art

Let me tell you a little secret: most Etsy shops and major retailers are selling these public domain images. I’m going to show you my favorite way to find them for free!

Having beautiful art in our homes and lives is such an underrated luxury. The process of finding the perfect piece sometimes takes a while but is well worth it in the long run.

my favorite way to find free printable art


My Favorite way to Find FREE Printable Art

Have you ever heard of Public Domain art? If you haven’t, I will introduce you to your new BFF! This is one of my favorite designer secrets. I can furnish homes with beautiful art that I could get for free! Minus the printing cost, of course. Which is pennies on the dollar compared to the value art brings to your home.

Public Domain art means that there are no intellectual property laws on the art. Most art ends up in the Public Domain due to old age, which is fantastic for those who want beautiful art pieces in their homes but don’t have the budget for the real deal.

If you don’t feel like searching for art, feel free to claim a copy of my curated collection of digital art below! I will send you my personal digital collection straight to your email. You can download and print as you please!

Curated collection of digital art
you got it! Check your email

Where to Look

There are different online databases that you can access. Some of my favorites are:

What to search for

Most of the time, I like to get on Etsy and see what art is trending. This gives me an idea of an artist to search for or the name of a piece. Only some sources will have what you are looking for, so you might have to explore a few different places before you find them.

Sometimes I will use Google Lens to find the piece I am looking for. This has been a great help to me!

Some good keywords to search for are landscape, beach, ocean, florals, flower, tree, and home.

This process does take time and can be frustrating at times, but stick with it and you will find something you love.

Where to print

I love to use Staples to print! I will upload the image and have them print it as a poster. This is the most economical way!

However, using Staples or Walgreens Photo will come with glossy paper. If you prefer a matte image, I recommend using Mpix.


My favorites

Here are some of the pieces I was drawn to when I was searching for my own home!

Henri Gervex | The Beach at Trouville

Carlos de Haes | Villerville Beach

Constant Troyon | Lanscape

Still Life with Flowers

James Valentine Jelley | The Lily Garden

Edward Mitchell Bannister | Swale Land

Finding beautiful art for your home takes time and digging online, but it is well worth it! I love to peruse thrift stores for vintage frames to put my art in. This is an affordable way to fill your home with art that you love!

Curated collection of digital art
you got it! Check your email

Thanks so much for being here!

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