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Creating a Cozy Home: Editing your Home

Hi friend! Today I am sharing with you how to create a cozy home by editing your home. Editing is just a fancy word for decluttering and redecorating. I fully believe as keepers of the home it is our charge to edit our home frequently. We are to keep track of what is and isn’t working, things that need to be organized, decluttered, or even just moving something around to better fit our current needs.

While I don’t like the whole minimalism – get rid of everything not necessary – approach, we can still declutter things in our homes that don’t serve anyone anymore. Things that you find yourself picking up week after week but no one really uses them. Odds are they just add to the mental list of things to manage. If you’re anything like me, you probably already have enough on your plate. It’s time to get rid of the extras that aren’t serving us.

Come along and let’s talk about ways we can create a cozy home just by editing it!

Creating a Cozy Home: Editing your Home

Editing your home can be SO overwhelming. Some of you may have heard of the Marie Kondo method of removing everything from a space and then only keeping what brings you joy. This method just doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried it and it only led me to having to move all of my closet’s contents from my bed to the floor later that night. Somethings might bring you joy but they’re not serving you anymore.

But at the same time, something that might be serving you but it doesn’t bring you joy. Finding the balance is key.

How to Effectively Edit Your Home

Learning how to effectively edit your home will be game changing for you. There is definitely a strategy that works best time and time again for me, and I am going to share that with you!

Start with the easy places first

Start with the spaces in your home that require the least thought. Editing is a muscle that you have to strengthen over time and then continually work on it to keep your home from getting back to square 1. On your first round of editing let’s just focus decluttering the “duh” items. Things that you know that need to go. Here is how I go about decluttering…

Editing your Bathrooms

Bathrooms are probably one of the easiest places to start because we usually don’t have an emotional attachment to anything in our bathrooms. I am somewhat a shampoo hoarder. If I *almost* finish a shampoo I will keep just the tiniest amount in the bottles for “just in case” or washing my makeup brushes. Go ahead and throw it out. Especially if it’s been under your sink for more than a few months. Expired makeup, nail polishes you don’t like anymore, random hair products you didn’t like – just get rid of it. It will surprise you how much lighter you feel just cleaning out your toiletries.

I know that there’s a huge movement to sustainability and not wasting but at the same time when do we say no and get rid of the products we tried but didn’t like or we had a reaction to them? Maybe you can pass something on to a sister, your mom, or a friend to try.

Whatever you decide to declutter is flexing that declutter muscle and will make future decisions easier for you.

Editing your Kitchen

Your kitchen should be another easy place to declutter. As of now in 2022, the kitchen gadgets are SO abundant. We have an appliance for just about anything. Sometimes we get caught up in thinking this new gadget will make life so much easier and cooking for pleasant – but where do we store it all? We only have so much cabinet space to store everything.

I heard a quote from The Minimal Mom on Youtube that if you are on the fence about decluttering an item, think if you can replace it in 20 minutes for under $20 – to go ahead and declutter.

Odds are you won’t even miss what you decluttered! Clean out those cabinets! Mismatched silverware, dull knives you can’t sharpen, chipped plates, cups that don’t get used, small gadgets you have used once.

Editing your kitchen will probably make cooking more pleasant because you’re not constantly looking for what you need and being bogged down by stuff that just needs to go!

Editing your Closet

Clothes are surprisingly sentimental to us. This initial edit of your home is not about getting rid of the sentimental items so rest assured we can tackle that another time. Do you have anything you haven’t worn in the last year? Do you hold onto old clothes in hopes that you will one day fit in them again? Any clothes that are worn and have holes and just need to be replaced?

Odds are if you haven’t worn something in the last year – you won’t wear it again. Trends are constantly changing and so are we. Don’t punish yourself and hold onto something that doesn’t fit or that still has the tags on it. The money you spent on that is gone and it’s only adding to your mental load and things to manage. It’s time to let go of these things.

Editing Random Junk Drawers

Is it just me or do your junk drawers seem to acquire the most random stuff? Oh my goodness. It’s almost insane how much stuff I have stored that doesn’t even need to be kept.

This one is pretty much given – get rid of the junk. Or find a home for it!

Decide What You Want Your Home to Feel Like

After you have gotten rid of the “duh” items, go ahead and really sit down and decide what you want your home to feel like. Create a Pinterest board and add photos that inspire you and what you want to see in your own home.

Find the trends between all of the images you pinned. Now, you probably won’t be able to just snap your fingers and your home look like the Pinterest photos. That’s ok. This is where you have to become intentional with the things you bring into your home. This is something I am working on too. Sometimes when I am in an antique store or thrift store I am more tempted to grab something because of FOMO (fear of missing out) and I won’t really think my purchase through. Then you end up with random pieces in your home that you can’t really find a use for.

We truly need to be more selective and thoughtful with what we allow into our homes – this is how we can avoid having to declutter so often.

Start Arranging Your Home Accordingly

Now is the fun part! Implementing your newly edited home and what goals and dreams you have for your home to look like!

This isn’t something that is done overnight either, this part definitely takes time, especially if you want to have a curated home look. Most of us can’t go spend thousands of dollars on decor and specific pieces. But, I think the home that is slowly and thoughtfully curated looks oh so cozy!

Home is personal. Your home is going to look different from everyone else’s. Take things you love and put them together and I promise you will love the outcome regardless of what is in style!

I hope this post was helpful to you! Let me know on Instagram or Facebook if you were inspired to edit your home after reading this!

Thanks for always being here!

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