The Ultimate Guide to 24 Hours in Laurel, Mississippi

Hi friend! Today I am going to be sharing the ultimate guide to 24 hours in Laurel, Mississippi! If you are new here and just now finding this post, I’m guessing you are planning a trip to Laurel in the near future. I hope this guide gives you some ideas of places to check out when you’re in town!

My husband and I recently visited Laurel for our anniversary and we spent 24 hours in town. Unfortunately for us it was rainy and wet when we were there which was such a bummer, but I definitely want to go back in the spring since we live just over 2 hours away.

I will be including places we went with photos but also adding in places that we want to check out next time!

The Ultimate Guide to 24 Hours in Laurel, Mississippi

My biggest piece of advice is to check out the Laurel Mercantile. It is Ben and Erin Napier’s store and in there you will find all the Hometown gear. In the back of the store they have an information desk with a local who will give you a map of the town and point you to any spots you are interested in. If you are a big Hometown fan you will definitely want to check the Laurel Mercantile out first!

Laurel is a small town so keep that in mind! We were there Friday – Saturday and there were plenty of things to do! Unfortunately right now (December 2021) Laurel is having road construction downtown in one of the most popular spots so some things were not as easily accessible but hopefully that will be completed in the near future!

In a world that is so fast paced, it’s nice to be in a quaint, slower paced town – at least for a while anyways.

Where to Shop

There are so many shops to check out in Laurel! From a mix of clothing boutiques to antique malls – you are sure to find some treasures to take back home! I wasn’t able to get photos of every shop we went into as we were running between rain storms.

Southern Antiques

Southern Antiques had a great selection of new and boutique items downstairs, but be sure to go upstairs and check out the antique booths! I loved how the store had so much old time charm. It was a walk back in history.

I definitely want to go back and check out the store when it’s not the holidays. I’m sure they have so much everyday decor and antiques available!

The Laurel Mercantile

Laurel Mercantile carries American made goods as well and they are definitely curated towards Hometown viewers. They have a wide selection of mugs, books, home goods, candles and even some Laurel and Hometown clothing! This is definitely the place to grab a souvenir if you are looking for one.

I got a Laurel mug and I have used it everyday since we got home!

Peddler’s Junktion

We stopped here about 30 minutes prior to closing and we were in love with it! There were so many antique trinkets to look at. My husband is always looking for old duck decoys and duck calls so he was on a mission to find as many as he could to admire.

I was also pleasantly surprised with the prices here as well! Such good prices for the items!

Definitely plan to spend an hour and a half here if not more!

The Remnant

Right behind Peddler’s Junktion is The Remnant – an upscale thrift store. They had a large selection of clothing as well as some home goods. It was a quirky and fun store to browse.

The Rusty Chandelier

The Rusty Chandelier was my favorite stop of the trip! There were so many different vendors and booths to just browse. I think we spent over an hour in there the first time we checked it out. If you watch Hometown you will definitely recognize the name!

The prices on the antiques and goodies were just right! We spent a good chunk of time in here as well. Many local woodworkers have booths and it is so fun to admire the quality of work in their goods.

This is where I got my biggest loot from! I scored 5 amber bottles for about $30. I was so excited when I found all of them!

Scotsman General Store

Scotsman General Store is also part of the Laurel Mercantile family. If you watch Hometown, you will recognize Ben’s workshop on the right side of the building. The store and workshop are separated by a glass window and it was cool to be able to look into the workshop. There were actually some men in there working while we were there!

They carry American made goods and even have some old fashioned soda and candies! It definitely felt like you were stepping back in time walking into this store.

Places we want to check out next time:

Lott Furniture Co.

The Laurel Leaf

The Cotton Boll


Goodness Gracious

Hand + Made

Where to Eat

There are so many local places to eat and drink in Laurel, and I promise you will not be disappointed. I wish we had more time there and could try more places on this trip but I guess this definitely means we will have to go back soon!

Mimmo’s Ristorante Pizzeria

We got to Laurel right around lunch time so our first stop was at Mimmo’s Pizzeria! Y’all, it was delicious. The restaurant and atmosphere was so nice. The brick accent on the inside just takes you back in time. If you are in Laurel, you obviously love the classic old time charm and you are sure to find so much of it here!

The staff here was wonderful. We will definitely be back!

We started with the bruschetta and it was THE BEST. I’m not even kidding. For December, it tasted so fresh! It was such a treat.

We also had the margherita pizza! It was so good and we finished it off clean!

Lee’s Coffee and Tea

We stopped in Lee’s Coffee and Tea for an afternoon coffee treat and we were not disappointed. They had such a cute atmosphere in the coffee shop. Apparently they have live music on certain nights of the week.

Places We Want to Check Out Next Time:

The 5000

The Loft

HAND + Made Lemonade

Sweet Somethings

Pearl’s Diner

Bird Dog Cafe

24 Hours in Laurel, Mississippi

Honestly, 24 hours in Laurel is just enough time to get a taste of what the town has to offer. You can pick the places you want to go most and then create a list of places to visit next time like we did!

There are many murals and just beautiful small town things to see. Laurel makes the perfect weekend getaway! We will definitely be planning our next trip very soon!

If you are within driving’s distance to Laurel I definitely recommend making a day trip or weekend trip out there! If you have already been and know of a place I didn’t add to my list of places to check out – let me know!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and thank you for being here!

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