The Best Hot Chocolate Recipe

Hi friend! Today, I am sharing with you the best hot chocolate recipe! We will be elevating store-bought mix, but I promise you won’t be able to tell a difference!

The Best Hot Chocolate Recipe

Alright, y’all, I am keeping this real easy; it is the best way I have ever made hot chocolate! I would love to make hot chocolate from scratch – but that’s not the phase of life I am in now. Either way, this drink is delicious, and your family will love it!

the best hot chocolate recipe

Hot Chocolate


  • hot chocolate mix
  • whole milk
  • crushed peppermint
  • Hershey’s chocolate bar
  • heavy whipping cream
  • sugar (for whipped cream)

For the actual hot chocolate, measure out 1 cup of whole milk per person that you want to serve.

Warm the milk on the stove on low heat and stir consistently to avoid scorching the milk. Add a piece of Hershey chocolate to the bottom of the mug or cup you plan to use.

the best hot chocolate recipe

If you want to make your own whipped cream, add about 1/2 cup of heavy whipping cream to a bowl with about a tablespoon of sugar and mix on high speed. You want to mix until you get stiff peaks.

Once your milk is warm, pour it into a mug over the chocolate and stir to melt the chocolate piece. Add in a serving of hot chocolate mix and stir.

Top with your choice of whipped cream and then garnish with crushed peppermint and chocolate shaving.

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It really is that easy to elevate store bought mix and I promise it still tastes gourmet!

Let me know if you try my easy hot chocolate recipe! Or if you have a true homemade version let me know, my boys would be more than happy to try it out!

I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for being here, as always!

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