Beautiful Neutral Tablescape for Christmas!

Hi friend!

Today I did something entirely for myself. And to be quite honest, that’s something I find hard to do as a mom to three little boys. There are countless things to be done and when they are out of the house I am always trying to tackle my to do list. Today was different.

Today I let my creativity get the best of me, and I am not mad about it! I was able to create this beautiful neutral tablescape for Christmas. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed just being able to create something for fun. Something for myself to enjoy.

I think that’s something I am going to focus more on next year.

Beautiful Neutral Tablescape for Christmas!

Beautiful Neutral Tablescape for Christmas

I already had most of the items you will see on hand. I went to my local grocery store and purchased some greenery bundles – I bought eucalyptus, baby’s breath, and some cedar and juniper. These were going to help dress up my faux eucalyptus garland I already had. I love how easy and beautiful this tablescape turned out!

Beautiful Neutral Tablescape for Christmas!

For the table runner I used some brown wrapping paper and cut it to length. I wanted it to hang down so I could add the stenciled word to hang down off the side. Once I cut it to length, I cut it in half width-wise. This helped give the paper the true table runner look. It’s also perfect to let your kiddos color on once you are done with it! 😉

Beautiful Neutral Tablescape for Christmas!

I hand traced the word ‘noel’ on here using the graphite pencil trick I learned back in elementary school. Once the outside border was traced I just some acrylic black paint to fill it in. I feel like this took the tablescape to the next level.

Beautiful Neutral Tablescape for Christmas!

I used these champagne color chargers under my white plates. These are just some simple linen blend napkins I made. I added a piece of juniper greenery in the napkin and held it together with some twine. I love the simplistic beauty of this table setting!

Beautiful Neutral Tablescape for Christmas!
Beautiful Neutral Tablescape for Christmas!

For the centerpiece I used a piece of faux eucalyptus garland and just added in the real greenery I had purchased. There was no real method to what I did, I just added pieces until I thought it looked right.

I added these bottle brush trees that I grabbed at the Target dollar spot this year. They sold out so fast at the store near me – so if you like the look of them, definitely grab them when you see them! Bottle brush trees are the perfect staple to add to your Christmas decor. They are even perfect for winter decor after Christmas has passed.

I love how beautiful and timeless this tablescape turned out.

This beautiful neutral Christmas tablescape brought me so much joy today to create. I hope this post gave you inspiration on creating your own beautiful tablescape for Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you find yourself right now.

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