The Best Faux Pumpkins for Fall 2021

I know it feels a little early to even be thinking about pumpkins, but I wanted to go ahead and source out some of the best pumpkins on the market this year for you! Cozy up with a warm cup of coffee (or iced, like me!) and get some inspiration!

The Best Faux Pumpkins for Fall 2021

As Anne of Green Gables says, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers” and in this case, Septembers and Augusts as well!

Fall is probably my favorite season and I’m sad I don’t live in a place where there is more of a true fall. The colors changing, crisp cool mornings, and a season of stillness after a productive summer. However, just because South Alabama doesn’t feel like fall outside doesn’t mean I can’t make the inside of my home feel like fall!

Here is my list of the best faux pumpkins you can buy for your home this year!

Crochet Look Pumpkin

These are probably my favorite on this list I’ve compiled. The crochet texture these have are dreamy and something I look for in my fall decor. I think the more texture you have, the better! These are sure to cozy up a space!! You can grab these HERE!

White Leaf Pumpkin

This pumpkin would look beautiful on a cake stand with some greenery tucked under it. The leaf pattern gives it such an elegant look and this would be sure to be a staple year after year. You can grab this one HERE!

White Braided Pumpkin

The gold accents on this pumpkin are stunning and give your space a touch of glam. The braided texture gives it such a cozy vibe, too! You can grab this one HERE!

Glass Pumpkin Cloche

I love to use filler in my home decor and this pumpkin cloche is perfect for any type of filler that you have. Even if you just put a faux candle in here it would give your space such a warm, cozy feeling. This is a staple to keep for years! You can grab this one HERE!

Beaded Wire Pumpkin Hurricane

This pumpkin would be perfect for a candle inside. I love the weathered wire look that adds a different texture to your space. You can grab this one HERE!

Distressed Beaded Pumpkin

This wood look distressed pumpkin is perfect to put on top of a candlestick or cake stand. You can grab this one HERE!

Cream Fairytale Pumpkin

I absolutely love the unique shape of this pumpkin. Adding in different shapes and textures gives your decor a step up from ‘basic’. You can grab this one HERE!

Natural Wooden Pumpkin

I love the look of wood tones so you already know this is on my top list! This pumpkin is so unique and would be perfect on a dining table centerpiece or even on your coffee table! You can find this one HERE!

Natural Braided Pumpkin

If you love a natural boho look, this pumpkin is perfect for you. The braided natural material is gorgeous! You can grab this one HERE!

Fuzzy Pumpkin Filler

There’s so many different things you can do with filler. I would use these in a dough bowl as a centerpiece or even in a cloche. The fuzziness of these is so cozy!! You can grab these HERE!

The Best Faux Pumpkins

And that’s a wrap! These are some of my favorite faux pumpkins that I think would be perfect additions to your own fall decor this year!

As always, thanks for reading and being here!

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