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The 20 Best Tools for every DIY’er!

So you want to start doing home improvement projects? Today I am sharing the 20 best tools I recommend to anyone starting their DIY journey!


The 20 Best Tools for every DIY’er!

When my husband, Robby, and I started building our furniture and doing small home projects, we didn’t have the best tools, which made the project more difficult. Over the years, we have slowly invested in better tools, saving time and our sanity by having the right tools!

The 20 Best Tools for every DIY’er!

  1. Orbital Sander – this was our first “big” purchase. We use this all the time from stripping something down to the finishing work.
  2. Level – we have a few of these. Having different sizes for different projects has been extremely helpful!
  3. Impact Driver and Drill – we love having the option for both. This tool set is used in every project!
  4. 18 Gauge Brad Nailer – this was a game-changer for us. We use this in almost every project!
  5. Stud Finder – we don’t want to be the ones to put holes in the pipes of our walls or have a million nail holes from trying to find the stud!
  6. Miter Saw – we use a miter saw for cutting wood down to size and for miter joints. If you have a project that includes trim work, you need this tool!
  7. Table Saw – this one is a given. We use a table saw for building furniture to ripping down sheets of plywood!
  8. Multi-Tool – we have used this tool on countless different projects!
  9. Tape Measurer – duh! I promise you will end up with a kitchen tape measurer, and a purse tape measurer on top of all the extras you keep in your toolbox!
  10. Wood Clamps – clamps make life easier when you are trying to glue something up! Or, if you are working alone and need an extra set of hands.
  11. Speed Square – this tool is perfect for checking if something is square or marking a 45-degree angle.
  12. Picture Hanging Kit – we didn’t have one until recently, making hanging anything on our walls much faster. We keep the kit in our utility drawer, which has everything you need!
  13. Caulk Gun – a good quality caulk gun is under-rated. We have used lesser quality ones in the past and they make for a messy job.
  14. Sanding Sponges – I love these for small detail sanding.
  15. Kreg Pocket Hole Jig – if you are ever building a frame for something or any type of furniture pocket holes are the way to go!
  16. Hammer – this is a given, right?! Haha!
  17. Circular Saw – this saw is great for a rough cut. Or, if you don’t have a table or miter saw, you can get away with this saw.
  18. Utility Knife – when you are a DIY’er you always need one of these handy!
  19. Pry Tool – if you are ever taking off trim, a pry tool is the tool for the job. Easily remove trim without tearing up your walls!
  20. Combination Square – this tool is excellent for when you need the same measurement repeatedly!

I hope this list helps you with getting started in your DIY journey! Don’t be afraid to look on resale sites and Facebook Marketplace for any of these tools! We have bought many of ours from other people and they work great – plus you get a pretty good deal!

Do you have any must have tools? If so, let me know in the comments!

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