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How to: DIY Faux Marble Epoxy Countertops

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Whether you want to update old countertops on a budget or make something look better, DIY faux marble epoxy countertops are a great solution!

After reading this post, you will be ready to tackle your next project!

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Read full privacy policy here.

How to: DIY Faux Marble Epoxy Countertops

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In December, I was browsing the clearance paint section at Lowe’s and came across the Giani Epoxy Countertop Kit. I had already been debating when to purchase this for our laundry room, and to find it for 75% off with nothing missing was honestly the score of the year!

*Disclaimer! My laundry room is currently a hot mess! Do not judge me, ha! We have big plans for this space! Stay tuned!

Epoxy Countertops

This kit was developed to cover almost any material! I’m not saying how it’ll hold up, but I will follow up after the countertop experiences some wear and tear.

Step One – Prep

Because our existing countertop was lightly finished plywood, I didn’t feel the need to do much prep work. I made sure that the surface was clean and I got started.

If you are doing this over any other surface – I highly recommend following all manufacturer directions for good adhesion!

Step Two – Paint

I used the white paint the kit included to cover the surface completely. This ended up taking me four light coats to have a solid white surface.

Once the white paint was dry, I used the small round brush and grey veining paint in the kit to create the marble look. I lightly held the brush and let it move in my hand while I painted on the vein. This gave it the most realistic look!

I had previously looked online at different examples of marble to help me figure out what style I was going for. The manufacturer says that ‘less is more’ and I definitely took that to heart!

Once I painted the vein, I spritzed some water over the section and used another paintbrush to diffuse the line. I ended up going over each section about twice with the grey paint to really make the veining pop.

Once I was happy with everything I used the white highlight paint and textured sponge to blend it all. This step really gave the countertop an authentic marble look!

Step Three – Epoxy

Once I was happy with how the countertop looked, it was time for epoxy!

The kit included a two-part system that was incredibly simple and easy to use. Granted, I have previous epoxy experience, but there is no measuring, which made it easy!

Once you have combined both epoxy parts and thoroughly mixed them, it is time to pour. I made an ‘S’ pattern on my countertop and used a foam roller to help spread it.

Once you are finished spreading the epoxy, you want to let it sit untouched for at least 48 hours. This gives the epoxy time to harden completely. The epoxy takes a full seven days to reach maximum hardness.

There were a few blemishes on ours, but that can be solved with a heat gun. We had way too much going on to worry about that then. We may add another layer of epoxy one day to smooth all that out.

That’s it! This project is so easy and an inexpensive way to update your home!

How to: DIY Faux Marble Epoxy Countertops

I hope you can tackle this project after reading this post! I honestly thought it would be more complicated than it was. Now, I’m looking around my house to find what to epoxy next!

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