Fall Dining Room with White Flowers and Mixed Metals

Fall Dining Room with White Flowers and Mixed Metals

Hi friend! Today on the blog I am excited to share with you our fall dining room with white flowers and mixed metals!

Fall Dining Room with white flowers and mixed metals.

I have found that this space has been hard for me to decorate because I am not in love with the way it looks. We are planning to replace the table with a new table we are building and it will be a much lighter wood tone. I am over the dark contrast of everything.

However, once I got this space refreshed for fall, I’m liking it a lot more!

Fall Dining Room with White Flowers and Mixed Metals

I did not spend much money at all this year decorating this space! YAY!

As some of you might be able to notice, but I have some new dining room chairs. I am OBSESSED with them. I got all 3 for $50 on Facebook Marketplace. They are from England and are made from beech wood. I am still trying to decide how I want to tone down the warmth in them, but they work perfectly for our boys.

All I added to my table was a simple table runner and I made a center piece with this breadboard my husband made me for my infamous dutch oven bread. I added a vase of white zinnias I cut from my flower garden in the backyard and some candles I had. Easy and timeless!

In my “pie safe” as we like to call it, I just moved some pieces around and added a little bit more texture.

I added this thrifted basket that has such a perfect undertone. It really helps give some life to this cabinet since it can seem a little sterile with all of the white and glass pieces. I made these adorable mustard color gingham napkins and some taupe linen napkins that I added in the basket. The mustard color brings just a touch of fall without being too much.

I crocheted this hand towel with the scalloped edging and I have many more of these I plan to make after the holidays and life slows back down. I believe that handmade pieces bring life to any space.

I also recently thrifted this adorable colander! I love the star detailing. I’m not sure that it will stay in this spot for long but it really is a perfect piece to have on hand.

Fall Dining Room with White Flowers and Mixed Metals

On my shelves I just added this beautiful silver platter I got at a local antique mall. It has such a beautiful patina. I added in some small white pumpkins in my cloche above the Magnolia cookbooks. I love the contrast between the silver and the copper mugs. Mixing metals can be done and look good at the same time!

This big FABRIC PUMPKIN was a DIY I did on my blog! It’s such a inexpensive and cute pumpkin to add to your collection of fall decor! I love that it fit perfectly on this cake stand!

That’s all for my fall dining room this year! I hope this inspired you to try to pull yourself out of a funk if you are in one like me and give your home some love. I know sometimes decorating can feel frivolous, but what our homes feel like matters.

Thank you for being here today!

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