How to: DIY Faux Brick Wall

This DIY faux brick wall is an easy and inexpensive way to add some charm to your space!

To this date – one of my favorite projects is the DIY faux brick wall I created in my bedroom. Today I am going to tell you step by step how we completed this project. It was definitely on the intermediate side of DIYs but I believe most anyone who can read a tape measurer can do this.

I do apologize for the quality of these photos. I was just documenting the process when we did this for my family and this was before I even started this blog. Yay for progress, though right?!

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How to: DIY Faux Brick Wall


  • brick paneling
  • jigsaw
  • tape measurer
  • brad nailer
  • stud finder
  • joint compound
  • putty knife
  • paint and paint brushes

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This was part of our bedroom makeover and we had just framed out our windows with a craftsman-style trim.

We started off with THESE brick panels from Lowe’s. My husband and I had drawn out the measurements we needed to cut each board to go around the windows and we worked our way across the wall to make sure that we were lining everything up and avoiding as many seams as possible.

We used a jigsaw for all of the cuts we needed to make.

Once the entire wall was covered in the brick paneling I scraped on joint compound to add a more organic texture look. I used a plastic putty knife to literally scrape joint compound onto the paneling and scraped in different directions to create even more texture.

Be sure to keep your space well ventilated because this joint compound is STINKY!!

After the joint compound was dry I started painting the wall the background white color. I used Pure White by Sherwin Williams. I was planning to paint the rest of my bedroom that color so I wanted it to blend perfectly once everything was complete! This took me about 3 thick coats. Using a thick nap roller brush was key to getting the paint in all the texture crevices.

Once the white paint color was dry I actually took about a month-long break on this project because I was nervous about what to do next. I did not like how white my bedroom was now and it felt cold. I needed to add some warmth.

I ended up using some leftover paint from another project called Warm Putty by Sherwin Williams to paint on each brick piece. I didn’t paint it perfectly so it would look more realistic. After that, I went back and dry brushed some more white paint to blend everything and give it more of a german schmear look.


Sadly, as I am writing this post we are moving out of our house and will be closing on our new home hopefully in less than 2 months worst case scenario. I cannot wait to bring y’all along for all the new projects we have planned. I am so excited to create another haven. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date on everything The Simple Cozy Haven.

Thanks so much for being here! Chat soon!

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