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A Cozy Reading Spot and Mantle Decor Inspo!

Hi friend! I am so excited to share with you this little cozy reading spot I put together in my master bedroom today as well as how I styled the faux mantle!

This time of year has me so inspired to start fresh and try new things and I may or may not be planning to move some furniture around this weekend.

I will also be linking some of my favorite books to look through lately. Reading novels isn’t something I am able to do these days with 3 small children but I am always excited to look through inspiring books filled with photos.

A Cozy Reading Spot and Mantle Decor Inspo!

A Cozy Reading Spot and Mantle Decor Inspo!

Upcycled Thrift Store Books

I wanted to give my mantle a little makeover since it’s been sitting bare for a few weeks. Today was the day!

I have been experimenting with using thrifted books that I paint the covers to add height and dimension in my decor. So far I am loving the results and I am definitely heading to the thrift store to stock up on more books.

I have been feeling super inspired by bookcases filled with neutral covered books. However, finding neutral colored books seems to be a bit harder than I expected. So, I did what any DIY and home decor blogger does – I grabbed a cheap book and a paintbrush.

A Cozy Chair

I brought my wingback chair that I reupholstered a few months ago over to the faux fireplace to amp up the coziness. I’m on the hunt for a small ottoman to keep with this chair as a place to put your feet up and really relax. But for now, it works!

A comfy throw pillow is the perfect addition to any seating! This one is from one of my Instagram friends @thecortorillohouse. She has an amazing Etsy page where she sells pillowcases and so much more. Definitely go check her out!!

Mantle Decor

When you are decorating a space you want to keep the idea of triangles in mind. If you continuously create different triangles with pieces you will create something pleasing to the eye. This is one of the most important elements of decorating!

I added some frames that I gathered from around our house and kept the whole space neutral and easy on the eye. The greenery in the vase brings a breath of life into the space.

No space is complete without some greenery! Either real or faux.

I love how this little cozy space turned out and I hope you feel inspired by this!

My Favorite Cozy Books

The above links are affiliate links and should you decide to shop from them, I may receive a small commission but at no extra cost to you. I would never recommend products I don’t personally use and love!

A Cozy Reading Spot and Mantle Decor Inspo!

Thanks so much for being here friends! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and let me know what you are reading! Have an amazing weekend!

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