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How to: DIY Range Hood Cover

You have come to the right place to elevate your kitchen to the next level. I am sharing all about our DIY range hood cover.

This project covered an eyesore from our builder and gave our kitchen a custom look for under $150!


How to: DIY Range Hood Cover

Our builder made a slight error, and the pipe for our kitchen vent was off-center by about 5 inches. To “cover it up,” they built a soffit. It was horrible, but I knew we had plans to do something covering the stainless steel hood anyways, so we let it slide.

We thought this project would be more complicated than it was, and I wish we had done it earlier!

After searching for inspiration, we had an idea of what we wanted the end product to look like, and we got to work taking measurements of the range vent.

Once we took some measurements, it was easy to figure out how to assemble the range hood cover.

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  • miter saw
  • track saw
  • drill
  • parallel clamps
  • 4′ framing square


  • 1/2″ plywood
  • brad nails
  • wood glue
  • joint compound
  • caulk
  • primer
  • Roman clay
  • 3″ wood screws


Robby drew the side frame on plywood using a speed square and straight edge.

We clamped both side pieces together to cut them out with the track saw so that they would be the same.

Next, we cut out the bottom face portion of the range hood cover. We attached everything using wood glue and brad nails.

We used scrap plywood, so we had a few seams to fix at the end, but we cut two more pieces to complete the face of the range hood cover.


We had to fill one of the seams with caulk because we wanted a slight angle on the front and did not cut the boards at an angle. We used joint compound to fill nail holes, plywood edges, and seams.

Once the joint compound was dry, we sanded everything smooth, and I started on a primer layer to seal the wood. I stopped halfway through and just moved on to the Roman clay application.

I used the same Roman clay as I did on our fireplace, which you can check out here!

Using a putty knife, I worked the product onto the cover.

After two coats of Roman clay, we attached the white oak trim to the front and sides.

We used wood glue, clamps, and brad nails to make everything perfect!

Once the trim was ready to move, we installed the cover over our existing vent.

Robby countersunk four screws into the side of the vent cover into the 2×4 frame. We filled the screw holes and touched up any spots that needed it. Then it was time to clean up the kitchen and enjoy the new look!

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How to: DIY Range Hood Cover

I hope this post inspires you to build your own range hood cover. Thanks so much for being here!

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