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6 Tips to get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

6 Tips to get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

6 Tips to get your home ready for the holidays

Hi friend! Today I am sharing with you 6 tips to get your home ready for the holidays.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying “fail to prepare – prepare to fail” and it is SO true. Especially for preparing for the busy holiday season! There are families to see, school parties, friend get togethers, local events and so much more.

The months of November and December are such a whirlwind it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stressed out about all there is to do.

Go ahead and start taking care of these 6 things and watch how you will free up so much time to just enjoy life this holiday season!

I have included a FREEBIE for you! Make sure you download my Home for the Holidays checklist at the end of this post!

6 Tips to get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Declutter Your Closets

I’ve read countless blogs and books about decluttering and one of the biggest tips is to get rid of things you haven’t worn in more than a year. Odds are, you won’t wear it again.

Try on your clothes and if you don’t feel confident in the item, it’s time to pass it on.

Make a list of items you want to purchase for your wardrobe that are things you may have decluttered because it was worn out or didn’t fit right. Keep that list handy when you go shopping! This way you’ll be able to quickly pick something out and not have to waste time finding something you like!

Go ahead and clean out those kid’s closets, linen closets and coat closets! You never know what you will find in there!

Clean out Your Pantry

We all have those half eaten bag of chips in the back of the pantry that we have forgotten about. Or maybe some expired items that are just taking up space and therefore adding to your mental clutter.

This is a great time to take note of what you have and things you need to use up. (Hello shelf cooking and saving money!!)

If you find that your pantry is not organized, take the time to empty it completely and get some new storage solutions to help. My boys are always in and out getting snacks and filling up the dog’s food bowl so I know how easily things can get disheveled if they’re not consistently tidied.

Stock up on Essentials

This is the perfect time to do this after cleaning out your pantry and closets.

I like to keep an extra stash of all of our family’s toiletries on hand. Sometimes I will grab a back up and forget to add it to my grocery order to replenish my stash. Go ahead and grab an extra shampoo and conditioner and body soap that way if you run out you don’t have to go to the store just for those essentials when the stores are full of people doing last minute shopping!

If you have gone through your pantry already, you may have noticed that your spices were running low. Go ahead and buy a back up.

No one likes to run out of cinnamon during the best baking season!

Freshen up Guest Room

Maybe you’re like me and having a fresh clean room to sleep in when you’re at someone else’s house is just the best. Do that same thing for your guests!

Our guest room is technically our office / dump it all room. I find that I am constantly having to go in there and tidy up my own messes before someone comes over.

Go ahead and clean out anything you no longer need to keep.

If you need new linens, purchase them. There are always great sales this time of year on these items. I like to use all white sheets and towels because you can easily wash and bleach them!

Home Maintenance

If you are preparing for guests, this is a great time to go ahead and get ahead on the home maintenance tasks!

  • Replace air filters
  • Scrub baseboards
  • Replace water filter in the fridge
  • Wash windows
  • Shampoo Carpets

Anything you can think of that is one of those annoying tasks – go ahead and just get it done. When Aunt Sally notices your sparkling windows you’ll be glad you did 😉

Write out your Holiday Calendar

Writing out your holiday calendar has to be one of the most important things.

If you’re anything like me, you will see different local events on Facebook and think “hmm, that would be really fun to go to”. But, such is life and you completely forget about it. Go ahead and check your calendar, whether a physical planner or on your phone and add that event into your schedule.

If you are one to send out Christmas cards, make a plan to get them printed and mailed off.

Write out when you want to plan to decorate cookies, buy a tree and decorate it, go see Santa at the store. Whatever your family traditions are, be sure to prioritize them!

6 Tips to get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

At the end of the day, this is a precious season and if not all of these things are able to be done – it’s not a big deal. Enjoy the time with your friends and family and remember the reason for the season!

I hope you enjoyed these tips and are ready to start preparing for the holidays. I know I am!

Thanks so much for being here today!


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