How To: Aged Pottery | DIY Restoration Hardware Dupe

Today on the blog I am sharing with you how to recreate a Restoration Hardware Old World Pottery dupe! After reading this tutorial you will be able to make any vase or vessel you have around the house look like a $500 Restoration Hardware piece!

Are you like me and are always looking online or in catalogs to see what the latest trends are? I think it’s so fun to just see what’s out there and how trends come and go.

Lately I have been seeing lots of organic looking pieces. However, some of the ones that have caught my eye have been crazy expensive! Maybe you can justify paying almost $500 for a large vase, but I can’t! LOL.

I set myself out to find a vase similar to this beautiful Restoration Hardware piece that I could DIY to give it this beautiful aged look.

This is probably my absolute favorite DIY I have done in a while! I will be showing you 2 different techniques that you can use to create a beautiful piece for your home.

Finding Thrifted Pieces

I love to browse the aisles of my local thrift stores! I’ve almost always come home with something either to use as is or to redesign. Half of the fun of thrift stores is the thrill of finding something not so pretty and giving it a new life!

For this project I recommend finding something with a different shape. Handles are always a good idea. But, you can really use anything and I promise it will look AMAZING when you are done with it!

I found my larger vase at my local Goodwill for $1.91!! My smaller vase was one I purchased from a friend who was cleaning out her home, I paid $8 for it.

Materials You Will Need

  • Old vase or vessel of your choice
  • Matte black spray paint
  • Joint Compound
  • Gloves
  • Light, medium and dark paint of your choice [I used Fusion Mineral paint in the color Putty and Waverly chalk paint in the colors Fawn and Truffle]
  • Paper towels

Getting Started

Since both of the pieces I had were a shiny ceramic material I went and spray painted them black to give my joint compound something to stick to. The cheaper the spray paint the better – but just use whatever you have.

For my larger vase I watered down my joint compound and dabbed it on with my hands. The gloves help give it the random raised spots that make the piece look like it has been outside for years.

I love the shape of my other vase but I was not a fan of the indentation design. I used the same concept as above but I more so smudged on a thick layer of the joint compound to cover up the indentations.

After I applied the joint compound to both pieces I let them dry overnight.

The next morning I got a large paint brush and my medium tone paint and painted a solid coat over both pieces.

Once that paint had dried, I got a paper towel and my 2 other paint colors and randomly dabbed the colors on. An old sponge would also work perfectly! Maybe even better. I would mix them and go in with the darkest color in random spots. The messier it all looked, the better in my opinion! I would use a wet paper towel in spots where it felt too stiff and I would blend it out.

After that coat of paint was dry I took another wet paper towel and used my original paint color and watered it down and toned down the entire piece until I was happy with it.


I absolutely love how these turned out. I’m on a mission to finding more vases and giving them a new life!

If you decide to try this please share and tag me on Instagram @thesimplecozyhaven

I would love to see your transformations and to share them with everyone. Thanks so much for reading! Let me know if you have any questions. Get ready for fall content because that is coming next week. I AM SO EXCITED!

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