A Must See Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room!

As I have started packing I realized that I have a few spaces that I have not shared over here on my blog. I wanted to share my modern farmhouse laundry room with you today. We are in the midst of moving and to be honest – I will really miss this space I designed!

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Laundry rooms aren’t always the most fun space to be in because we are usually stuck in there doing mundane tasks, but I think if you spruce it up you can make it much more enjoyable!

A Must See Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room!

Humble Beginnings

When we first purchased our home in 2018 our laundry room was anything but special. It had the basic wire shelving going across the wall above the washer and dryer but that was it. Oh yeah, there was a boob light, too!

I immediately went in and painted it a bright robins egg blue. Looking back my color choice makes me cringe but at the time it was trendy. Lesson learned – stop trying to be trendy and just do what you love from the get go!

Modern Farmhouse Charm

When it finally came time to update this space I knew I wanted somewhere that would be beautiful and functional.

We built this tabletop to create a space to fold laundry in an attempt to stay on top of the never ending task! I added a lamp for ambience and ran the cord behind the tabletop.

The cabinets we hung are repurposed from my parent’s kitchen. When they did a full remodel of their home we took anything they would give us. These cabinets have come in handy all over our house.

I painted them black and added the small brass hardware. I had my husband add these 2 shelves in between the cabinets so I could add decor or keep some of my powder products for easy access!


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A Touch of Industrial

Having cabinets above the washer and dryer is seriously a game changer if you are used to the standard wire shelving. However, I knew I wanted to have an area to hang clothes to dry or even just keep them gathered as I was folding and sorting laundry.

We added in this metal bar and mounted it with 2 flanges to the wall and the side of the cabinet. I spray painted the 1 inch pipe and flanges black because they came in this grey metal color. It has held up surprisingly well!

Faux Wallpaper

I LOVE the look of wallpaper but at the time we were doing this project – wallpaper was not in our budget.

I had seen people do these sponge accent walls and liked the concept so I did my own spin on it. I had my husband cut down a 2×4 to 6 inches long and I used the skinny side to create this accent wall.

It was no where near perfect and I had multiple drips but at the end I loved the way it came out. It took forever and a day to complete though so keep that in mind!

Functional Beauty

I purchased the ‘Laundry Co.’ sign from Kirklands.

I use the Lost Socks sign every time I do laundry! It’s inevitable that a pair of socks gets separated in the loads and this is a perfect spot to keep them rounded up until I find the match. Functional Beauty!

I will deeply miss this laundry room but I cannot wait to design the one in our new home!

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